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January 13th, 2013

Happy New Year from Rob McIver Photo! This first blog post of the year is a look back at my final project of 2012.
Sometime last year, my friend Jared Morgan from Pantless Productions texted me a cell phone picture that looked something like this. flashwall0117

He asked me if I thought we could use “a Pelican case full of flashes” for anything. My brain immediately conjured up a picture that looked something like this.


It only took me about 1/250th to blurt out, “Hell yes we can use them!” That was the beginning of Flash Wall. Jared suggested doing a behind the scenes video of the building of the wall and the application of it on a live shoot. So we rounded up the hardware and materials, an awesome crew, our fun-loving models Alex and Kenya, and we went to work.

Check out the BTS video, as well as my gallery of final images, production stills from the shoot and a gear list!

Flashwall Experiment with 100 Nikon SB-800 Flashes from Jared Morgan on Vimeo.


Gear list and some ballpark camera settings:
Aperture f20
Shutter Speed 1/250th
ISO 100
Flash Wall SB-800 flashes manually set to 1/32, with a smattering of higher powered flashes for effect.
Nikon D800 Camera
AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II
Lots of Nikon SB-800 flash units
75 LumoPro LP680 Shoe Mounts
Profoto D1 Air 500 Flash Heads
Profoto Zoom Reflector
5, 10, and 20 degree Profoto grids for the zoom reflector
Westcott 5′ Octabank Soft box
Matthews Century Stands


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